Why is Father’s Day (Buwa ko Mukh Herne Din) celebrated in Nepal?

“Buwa Ko Mukh Herne Din” is a Nepali phrase that translates to “Father’s Face-Seeing Day” in English. This phrase is used to refer to Father’s Day in Nepal. It is a day dedicated to honoring fathers and father figures. The primary reason for celebrating Father’s Day is to show appreciation and love for fathers and their contributions to the family and society. It’s a day for children and family members to express their gratitude and affection towards their fathers, spend quality time together, and sometimes exchange gifts. The celebration of Father’s Day provides an opportunity for families to strengthen their bonds and express their love and appreciation for the important role fathers play in their lives. It’s a day to recognize and honor paternal figures for their hard work, love, and support throughout the year.

The specific date on which Father’s Day is celebrated can vary from country to country. In Nepal, Father’s Day is typically celebrated on the last day of the Hindu calendar month of Bhadra, which usually falls in August or early September. This year (2023), Father’s Day falls on September 16th.

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